miniature paint tubes

January 15, 2016

from the studio of david michael friend | n0.041

To get the crimped end look, I applied pressure to a ¼” section of round aluminum tubing with a pair of flat or needle nose pliers (I pounded mine with a hammer to make sure it was tight). The knurled head of a picture hanger nail¹ resembled the cap for the tube, which I just embedded into some silver Sculpey III² and baked for 5 minutes as directed.

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DMonozorro's newest t-shirt and poster design for the New York Village Halloween Parade.B.A. Monozorro, I worked with Shiv Harris to create the New York’s Village Halloween Parade t-shirt and poster design. For the past 5 years we have been given the honor to create these images that go along with the parade theme. This year’s, “Garden of Earthly Delight”, brought the image of a tree made up of creatures, their eyes shining bright and becoming the “fruit” of the tree.

Tee’s and posters can be purchased on the parade’s site

This is a sketch or illustration by David Michael Friend


June 28, 2014

This is a sketch or illustration by David Michael Friend

Photo by Steven Lev

It’s mermaid season again and today was the 2014 Coney Island Mermaid Parade. I once again helped out with my girl’s costume with a clam shell and coral headpiece. My first real attempt at soldering wire (some hard lessons learned).

I also partook (with Monozorro) in the judges bribe for  The Sexcamaids, the fabulous dance troupe that my girlfriend and a lot of my friends are a part of. This year the drinks were presented in old timey barrels. Shiv and I came up with the logos for the two concoctions and transferred them onto the barrels (go go carbon paper). We are particularly proud of the look on the Queen as she admires her “booty”.

The ladies took home the parade award “Judges Incompetence”, which basically means the parade officials love them so much they made up an award because the judges overlooked their awesomeness.

[top photo by Steven Lev]

Sexcamaids' Barrels

Watch and Vote for Moonfishing!

I’m very excited to announce that my short film, Moonfishing, is headed to Massachusetts at the end of the month for the Berkshire International Film Festival (May 29th – June 1st). In addition, the Berkshire Bank is holding a grant contest called “The Next Great Filmmaker” in which $2500 will be awarded to one of four emerging directors that they have hand selected from the Festival’s over 70 entrants.

In the last 6 months I have begun to formulate my latest film. With it comes the creation of sets, puppets and animation; all of which you can help bring to life with a simple vote for Moonfishing. Plus, if you haven’t seen it yet, you have the opportunity to watch the short Moonfishing. And on top of that, by voting, you are signed up for a chance to win an iPad from the Berkshire Bank!

And if you feel an extra need to be amazing (in addition to the amazing that is already you), help me spread the word about my movie and the contest. I would be even more grateful to you.

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This is a sketch or illustration by David Michael FriendLast year, my fellow artist and friend Shiv Harris made our joint work of 7 years official by creating the design studio, Monozorro. We started off simple with posters for her band Autobahn da Fe, logos for friends and our mutual love for the graphic art world. Between Harris’ command of typography and design and my illustrative creations, we came to the conclusion that we possessed  a unique look for people desiring something a little unconventional for their branding needs.

“The evil geniuses behind amazing graphic design”

This past month debuted the first of Monozorro’s alphabets, starting with the “AA” of the dictionary and typefaces. Helvetica brought us “A” is for Aardvark. Each week we will design an iconic representation of a letter while featuring one of the amazing artist in the world of typography.

Follow Monozorro’s alphabet and the rest of our designs on facebook, twittertumblr, pinterest, deviantArt

Dr Sketchy’s 04-27-14

April 28, 2014

This is a sketch or illustration by David Michael Friend

Dr. Sketchy’s is back in NYC! Hosted by Suffra Gent with (one of three models) boylesque star Johnny Panic.